My Front Yard Vegetable Garden Layout

A summer garden tour of my front yard raised beds, vertical garden and trellises, perennial bed, and fruit beds. I’ll go over the garden layout, varieties, spacing, and along the way, harvest, and share tips. Filmed in July 2020 in Zone 7A, Long Island, NY.

0:00 – Intro
0:47 – Perennial foundation bed
2:41 – Front Raised bed garden
9:30 – Herb containers and seedlings
11:51 – Vertical garden & trellises
20:51 – Today’s harvest!

• Snip N Drip Irrigation System –
• Window boxes –
• Garden Markers –
• Trellis Netting – [AMAZON]
• Bacillus Thuringiensis (BT) –
• Labelmaker – [AMAZON]
• High Mowing Seeds –
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• Basil, Rutgers Obsession DMR, High Mowing Seeds
• Beets, Lutz Green Leaf, Territorial Seeds
• Beets, Touchstone Gold Beet, High Mowing Seeds
• Blackberries, Prime Ark Traveler Thornless, Stark Bros. –
• Blackberries, Prime Ark Freedom, Stark Bros. –
• Broccoli, Packman, Amazon (Hazzard’s Greenhouse)
• Broccoli, Windsor, Amazon (Hazzard’s Greenhouse)
• Cabbage, napa, Bilko F1, High Mowing Seeds
• Cabbage, radicchio, Leonardo F1, High Mowing Seeds
• Carrot, Napoli (pelleted), High Mowing Seeds
• Cilantro, Santo, High Mowing Seeds
• Corn, sweet, Golden Bantam, Territorial Seeds
• Cucumber, vining, Marketmore, High Mowing Seeds
• Cucumber, vining, Saber F1, High Mowing Seeds
• Dill, Greensleeves, High Mowing Seeds
• Echinacea, David’s Garden
• Eggplant, Italian, Traviata F1, High Mowing Seeds
• Fennel, Finale, High Mowing Seeds
• Garlic, Music, High Mowing Seeds
• Greens, Kale, Lacinato, High Mowing Seeds
• Lavender, Phenomenal, Territorial Seeds
• Marjoram, Etsy (ThePlantFarm)
• Melon, cantaloupe, True Love F1, High Mowing Seeds
• Melon, cantaloupe, PMR Delicious 51, High Mowing Seeds
• Melon, watermelon, Big Tasty Hybrid, Burpee
• Melon, watermelon, Red Ruby Hybrid, Burpee
• Onion, red, Rossa Di Milano, High Mowing Seeds
• Onion, yellow, New York Early, High Mowing Seeds
• Oregano, Greek, Etsy (ThePlantFarm)
• Oregano, Italian, Etsy (ThePlantFarm)
• Parsley, Italian Flat Leaf, High Mowing Seeds
• Peanuts, Jumbo Virginia, Burpee
• Pepper, bell, King of the North, High Mowing Seeds
• Potato, early, Dark Red Norland, Maine Potato Lady
• Potato, early, Superior, Maine Potato Lady
• Raspberries, Shortcake
• Rosemary, Arp, Territorial Seeds
• Squash, Butternut, Waltham, Territorial Seeds
• Squash, Pumpkin, Pie-Pita F1 Hulless, High Mowing Seeds
• Strawberries, Tristar Stark Bros. –
• Tarragon, French, Etsy (ThePlantFarm)
• Tea, Camelia Sinensis, Territorial Seeds & Raintree Nursery
• Thyme, Etsy (LenasFlowerGoods)
• Tomato, cherry, Sunrise Bumblebee, High Mowing Seeds
• Tomato, cherry, Montesino F1 Tomato, High Mowing Seeds
• Tomato, paste, Plum Perfect F1, High Mowing Seeds
• Tomato, paste, Granadero F1, High Mowing Seeds
• Tomato, slicing, Arbason F1, High Mowing Seeds
• Tomato, slicing, Caiman F1, High Mowing Seeds
• Tomato, slicing, Damsel F1 Tomato, High Mowing Seeds
• Zucchini, Dunja F1, High Mowing Seeds

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• Blackberry trellises –
• Winter garden (spinach harvesting) –
• Strawberry planting –
• Garlic scape harvest –

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PO Box 721, Huntington, NY 11743

Thanks for watching! Garden like a boss and I’ll see you soon!

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