Indoor Garden Tips – Hydroponics

This is how I transplant herbs and vegetables from soil pots & containers to a simple hydroponic system.

Step #1 – Remove the herb or vegetable from the pot or container.

Step #2 – Soak the plant in a tub of water…use an air pump/stone if soaking for long periods

Step #3 – Separate the roots from the soil or soil less growing medium. If the grow medium is very dense or difficult to dissolve in water, then you may have to use an utensil to break it apart. You can also use a water hose or kitchen “spray” faucet to help the process.

Step #4 – Place some hydroton on the bottom of a net pot or diy container (e.g. cup), and place the roots on top of the hydroton.

Step #5 – Insert the net pot into your hydroponic container.

Step #6 – Place the entire grow system into a grow box, grow tent, or somewhere adjacent to a natural light source like a south facing window.

That’s it! Now your herbs or veggies will grow faster than ever…compared with growing in soil or soil less mediums.

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