This topic has been requested of me many times – and I’m so excited that gardening season is FINALLY HERE! Today I show you how to start vegetable garden seeds indoors. This is an important part of Canadian gardening and WILL save you money. If you’re new here, welcome to the channel and please hit the red subscribe button. Jenn Least is an adoptive mom of six from Canada and loves to chat about how LESS can actually mean MORE!
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My 1st Canadian Prepping Video all about Seed Vaults:

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0:00 How to start vegetable seeds indoors
3:05 Gardening zones
4:11 When to start vegetable plants indoors?
5:10 Planting moons
7:10 Choosing a location to start seeds
7:40 Compacted soil discs and fiber pots
8:40 Potting soil cell pack method
9:35 Best Soil Types
11:30 Choosing seeds
14:25 How to plant
17:00 Creating a mini greenhouse for germinating seeds
19:04 Watering seed start tips

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