How To Grow Indoor Basil

Indoor Basil. Nothing is more satisfying than growing a fresh crop of Basil indoors, over the dead of winter! As a lush, fast-growing herb, Basil is a perfect candidate for a fresh winter crop of a summer staple. Gardeners are going stir crazy indoors as the weather gets colder, the snow piles up, and the first day of spring feels like years away.

Chase those winter blues away and grow your own indoor Basil. Its not hard, it grows fast, and nothing feels better than cheating winter and getting a summer crop of pesto-making power!

DIY Soil Explained:

If you’re just starting out gardening in 2020, this inexpensive set of tools from Amazon can get you and your herbs up and running this spring! I know there is a fevered and renewed interest in gardening and many of you are seasoned vets. But remember that there’s a whole population out there that hasn’t gardened before. Let’s help them out and encourage as much as possible! Affiliate links below:

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