GARDEN TIPS AND HACKS Part 3: Easy Gardening Shortcuts and

Today I am really glad to release part 3 of the garden tips and hacks compilation and this edition is a compilation of some really useful general easy to do gardening hacks. Coming up..

1. Scrape your nails into a soap the dirt wont enter into your nail beds.
2. Make a Cello Tape Trap to touch on leafs infested with pests like aphids and whiteflies.
3. Use Dirty aquarium water to fertilize you plants.
4. Similarly Use Cooking Water to Fertilize your garden.
5. Mix some mineral oil mixed with a pail of sand and insert your garden tools after use to keep them sharp and rust free.
6. Sprinkle fine Cinnamon powder on your seeds and seedlings to protect seeds and seedling from rot.
7. For Acid loving plants like Azaleas and Roses, use Alum 5gm in 500 ml of water once every 10 days and this will boost the growth and flowering.
8. Remove Clay Rich Soil using this simple Hack: watch video
9. Do not forget to water this newly repotting plant with Epsom salt – about 1 teaspoon in 1 liter of water to counter this Transplant shock.
10. Loosen up your roots: When you remove the root ball for repotting, loosen up or free up some roots at the bottom and sides.
11. Use a Table cloth or any large bedsheet to drag heavy weight
12. Use this Universal Organic Formula To Deter Most Rodents and Animals from your Garden and even pests: Watch video for details on this animal repelling formula. Do a patch test on a leaf and check the leaf for wilting if any so that you can dilute this accordingly and use it on your plants safely.
13. Another simplest way to repel Some animals like cats, dogs and rabbits – is to soak a some pieces of cloth with vinegar and stuff them in some areas of your garden.
14. To Promote more blooms and growth of your flowering plants, do not hesitate to perform these three tasks: a. Pinching (that is cutting the growing tips of stems and branches to promote more branching), b. Deadheading: that’s is removing the dried or drying flowers along with the twig from your plant. C. Pruning the plant promotes more growth and makes the plant bushy.
15. If you do not have the chemical rooting powder – that’s indole butyric acid, You can Dip your cuttings in Honey, Cinnamon Powder, Fresh Aloe vera gel and even your Saliva or Spit!
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(I am a medical doctor with hobby as gardening)

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