3 Gardening Upcycling Hacks for Growing in Small Spaces Ep4

This episode shows 3 great gardening hacks of upcycling ways to repurpose items for growing food in small spaces.

The 3 x examples of growing food using upcycled materials are: vertical grow wall using old pallets; old jars; and a mini greenhouse made from recycled plastic containers.

This is the fourth episode in our growing food in small spaces series ( see Ep1 here https://youtu.be/Nh0ol-eAN2U and Ep2 https://youtu.be/jkWWB9O2wQ8 and Ep3 https://youtu.be/RUpR6nGLFmw )

This episode and video series were created with the help of Creator Queensland (a QLD Govt and YouTube initiative) and Griffith University.

The following student crew from LiveLabs helped create the “Growing Food in Small Spaces” series as part of their film course final assessment:

Scott Nolan – Director
Emma Adin – Unit Manager/2nd AD
Karlee Catalano – 1st AD
Sophie Cross – Camera
Phoebe Ireland – Data Wrangler
Tom Davison – Camera
Kenny Waterson – Sound Recordist
Hugo Hood – Production Assist
Patrick Mahon – Continuity

This series was certainly a great learning experience for me as well as being a fun project to help create – thanks to all who made this possible.

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