17 Clever Garden Hacks That You Should Know

We understand the hard work needed to grow a garden can quickly feel like an addition to your to-do list. Don’t fear though, because in today’s video we will tell you the 17 best gardening hacks that will help you get the hang of this wonderful hobby and make it part of your daily routine. From downloading a plant app, making cardboard seed cubes, investing in a heavy tarp, Using a chopstick to support leaning plants to making your own seed tape and more, watch till the end to learn about all of them.

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Intro – 0:00
Always Water Your Plants After It Rains – 00:45
Download A Plant App – 01:20
Squeeze Out Weeds – 01:46
Save Your Coffee Grounds for Your Garden – 02:15
Plant in a Pot Landscaping Design – 02:36
Cardboard Seed Tube – 03:12
Healthy Plant Hydration – 03:40
Greenhouse from the Salad Bar – 04:04
Epsom Salt Fertilizer Trick – 04:50
Invest in a Heavy Duty Tarp – 05:32
Organize Plant Labels – 05:58
Use Extra Play Sand to Store Garden Tools Safely – 06:19
Use a chopstick to support leaning plants – 06:54
Use water bottle trick to water plants while you’re on vacation – 07:13



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